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How We Collect Plastic

Beach Cleanups

Volunteers work all year around the globe

Beach Cleanups

Once plastic enters the ocean, it is swirled around by 5 circular vortexes known as gyres. There are five major gyres on Earth. Eventually, these gyres will wash plastic onto shores around the world. If the plastic remains on shore, eventually it will be swept back into the ocean by high tides. By cleaning plastic from beaches, we are able to prevent waste from returning to the ocean, where it is mistaken for food by aquatic animals. This also prevents land animals such as seagulls from mistaking the plastic for food.


99% of aquatic animals have been found to have plastic in their stomach.

Pulling From Oceans

In order to capture plastic that has already entered the ocean, we utilize local divers and fishermen. Our expert divers are able to dive into waters around the world to remove pollution. We also pay local fishermen to fish for plastic instead of fish. This serves a double purpose of preventing overfishing, as well as providing a reliable stream of income to locals. Due to overfishing, oftentimes fishermen cannot find enough valuable fish to support their families. This often forces into less-than-ideal practices such as shark-finning or whale hunting. Working with PL28 allows them to avoid this outcome and provides us with excellent material. We currently have PL28 members in 47 countries and counting!

Intercepting From Rivers

Rivers carry trash over long distances and connect nearly all land surfaces with the oceans. Did you know that 90% of plastic that enters the ocean comes from only 10 rivers in the world? These rivers are the Yangtze, Yellow, Hai, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, Indus and Ganges Delta, Niger and the Nile. By attacking plastic pollution at these sources, we are able to intercept large amounts of plastic and make a huge difference in the lives of millions of humans and animals alike.

Plastic Collected: Now What?

Once the waste is recovered, the plastic is sorted and shipped to a facility where it is cleaned, processed, and repurposed as raw material which is ready to use in our manufacturing projects.



Final Products


After all this hard work comes the fun part: turning the ocean debris into awesome products! We've worked with several brands across many different industries to turn their concepts into reality. There is absolutely no limit to what we can make. You'll see a few examples above to get your imagination started.

Next Steps: How To Get Started

Simple And Easy

  • Let us know what type of product you'll need manufactured. It helps to have samples and/or technical drawings. We will work with you to make this part easy and painless.                                                                                       

  • Inform us of quantity needed, and desired delivery date       

  • We will assess the project and determine feasibility and costs                                                                                             

  • Once the project is approved, we will begin collecting your ocean debris                                                                               

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss marketing rollout and collaboration

Gamechanger: Free Recycling


Any product manufactured by PL28 can be recycled with us for FREE. We place collection bins at point of sale and we also provide free mail-in recycling for any of our products. 

We believe the next generation of businesses must create a circular economy using this model. The company manufacturing a product is responsible for the product from beginning of its life until the end. We're here to help push the world forward to a way of doing business that operates in harmony with nature. 

Clients, Partners, and Testemonials


"As soon as I found out about PL28, I knew we would be working together. Their passion for saving wildlife is something that I want to support. We have some exciting things in the works..."

Dallas Cowboys All Pro Running Back 


Ezekiel Elliott


"Thank you PL28 for the wonderful job you're doing raising awareness. Keep up the excellent work"

Actress and Environmentalist. Best known for role as Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter

Bonnie Wright

"I'll be working with PL28 on an ocean cleanup in Hawaii and I'm super excited about it"

Los Angeles Rams All Pro Running Back 

Todd Gurley


"If we don't want to destroy life on Earth, the world would be wise to listen to PL28. Especially the cannabis industry..."

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commissioner

Shaleen Title

lil xan.jpeg

"I try to use my platform to promote as much positivity as I can, and PL28 does the same. We can really do great things together."

Rap Superstar

Lil' Xan

"I'm proud to work with PL28 as an ambassador for our planet. The work they're doing is amazing."

Actress and Humanitarian. As seen on hit shows such as "Glee" and "Insatiable" on Netflix

Erinn Westbrook


Entrepreneur. Rapper. Owner of brands such as Weedmaps, Cookies, Santa Cruz Shredder, Gpen and more. Has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, etc...

Marcus Lemonis

Star of CNBC's "The Profit"


"PL28 is definitely the wave. This is about to be the next big thing in business. "

Atlanta Falcons Star Linebacker

Foye Oluokun


"I'm so impressed with the team here. Their dedication and commitment is astonishing. PL28 will be a company that changes the world for the better."

Founder, THC Staffing Group

Danielle Schumaker

"I'm proud to work with PL28 across my different businesses. Social justice and environmental justice go hand-in-hand."

Founder, Supernova Women

Amber Senter

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